Hello! I am a post doctoral researcher in the Gestalt ReVision group at KU Leuven, where I investigate phenomena of social perception in collaboration with Johan Wagemans. Several of my recent projects have focused on perceived animacy.

Even simple geometric shapes look alive if they move in certain ways. These percepts have long fascinated psychologists, but they have often been implicitly treated as a mere curiosity, or epiphenomenon. In contrast, my research has shown that perceiving animacy has a host of adaptive downstream effects on attention, memory, and behavior. Over the course of this work, I have uncovered some surprising illusions that provide some clues into how these percepts arise. I also conduct research on meta-psychological questions, such as how to best study perceptual states. Prior to moving to Leuven I completed my graduate studies with Brian Scholl, director of the Yale Perception and Cognition Laboratory. In fall 2019 I will return to New York (where I grew up!) to begin working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the New School for Social Research.

Recent Projects

Animacy & Memory

Goal-directed motion is prioritized in memory!

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Who's Chasing Whom?

An illusion of chasing driven by a moving background.

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The 'Units' of Perceived Animacy

The visual system makes important assumptions about what can and cannot be alive.

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The "Blindfold Test"

Are our experiments really isolating visual processes?

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